Capace pentru borcane Omnia şi Twist-Off

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Technical characteristics

Tip: Twist-off


  • Gold, white, red, green, blue, black.
  • Full-colored lithography: for fruit, for vegetables


  • 82 mm.
  • 66 mm.
  • 63 mm.

Thickness: 0.17 mm.

Material: Electrolytic Tinplate (BS EN 10202)

Sealing: For non- fatty/fatty food; Color – white

For sterilization up to 121 °С /or pasteurization up to 105 °С;


Caps Twist off are applicable for home preservation of food and Canning Industry as well. Available in an option specially for HONEY. There are 2 types of Twist off profile that we produce:

  • RTS (Twist off with stepped shape of the groove)
  • RSB (RTS with a vacuum button)


  • in bulk 700pcs / carton box
  • 20pcs/ РЕ bags; 40 bags/ carton box
  • 10pcs/ РЕ bags; 80 bags/carton box

For the corporative customers are given an opportunity for production by their brand and design project.

All raw materials are in compliance with European food treatment laws.


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